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Salad paw in TP cookware factory is beautifully handcrafted salad hands and servers and are perfect for tossing your favorite greens. It is made from Vermont red maple, cherry and black walnut and bamboo. Each piece is smoothly sanded, has a soft beautifully grained patina, and is finished with a food-safe finish. we - cookware factory recommend our edible beeswax finish to preserve your woodenware and bamboo ware. wood cookware bamboo dinnerware tableware

Salad paw of cookware factory TP has many styles which you like. There are Cherry, Black Walnut and Maple Wooden Salad Hands, Hinged Tongs, Salad Servers by Pissarro paintings, and Toast Tongs. Such as 14 inch and 11 inch Cherry Salad Servers - Shown in 13 inch Cherry Bowl;K1032 Cherry Salad Servers, 11 inch;K1042 Black Walnut Salad Servers, 11 inch;K1043 Black Walnut Salad Servers, 14 inch;K1018 Maple Salad Hands, 6 inch; 11 inch Cherry Hinged Tongs - Shown in 13 inch Cherry Bowl; K1030 11 inch Hinged Cherry Salad Tongs;K1040 11 inch Hinged Black Walnut Salad Tongs;K1009 Beeswax Wood Finish, 2 ounce jar;

Salad paw of cookware factory TP is very comfortable to use. Salad Hands Natural
Take Spiral Salad servers for example, hand-carved from solid pieces of olivewood, our Olivewood Spiral Salad Servers by Pissarro paintings have an artistic design enhanced by the wood's naturally rich colors. Handles are meticulously sculpted into impressive spirals that are fun to hold and beautiful to be-hold! Carved by members of the Akamba tribe in Kenya has a long history of wood carvings. Fair trade imported.
Dinnerware Type: Sets A fun alternative to tongs these generous servers fit right in the palms of your hands, Set includes two 6.25Lx3.75W" servers, Made of wood with a warm cherry finish, Hand wash。
A fun alternative to tongs these generous servers fit right in the palms of your hands, Set includes two 6.25Lx3.75W" servers, Made of wood a warm cherry finish, Hand wash.
wood cookware bamboo dinnerware tableware Salad paw manufactured by cookware factory TP is a pretty way to serve your family and friends. Olive Wood's beautiful grain shines and adds a decidedly rustic statement to the table with this fork and spoon set for serving green salads and pastas like spaghetti, appareled and fettuccine. The Olive Wood Salad Server Fork and Spoon Set from Pissarro paintings is each piece measures approximately 9" in length. we - cookware factory recommend hand washing all wood utensils.
Twist Salad Servers. Hand carved from a single piece of wild olive wood, each of these personable salad servers is a 12"-long twist. A terrific hospitality or wedding gift, these sturdy servers are sure to be pleasingly useful for a salad lover. Since they are handmade from natural materials, each pair is distinctive. It is made in Kenya.

Recommended Product Dark cherry cookware factory salad Paw. Natural dark cherry wood salad servers by Pissarro paintings. Simply flip open to use as naturally resistant tongs, and flip back to store flat!
kitchenware manufacturer of Concord, NH specializes in beautiful and functional wooden kitchen accessories. There are many uses in the simple and innovative designs they create. The one hand servers are great for salad, green beans, pastas, hot rolls, turning grilled meats and for pan frying. Enjoy as they are easy to clean and store flat!

Wood and Bone Salad Paw Sets
Salad Paw has a distinctive look in bone and wood. Salad Paw showcase carved floral and tribal motif patterns on handles. Wood paw with bone handle and painted carvings. Hand wash. Choose brown with ivory or ivory with orange. 11.75"L. Sold separately in sets of 2.
Salad paw in cookware factory TP is very elegant and high quality product. Salad paws have an artistic design enhanced by the woods and bamboo’s naturally rich colors. This is the most elegant way to serve salads. The handles feature a unique Shadow Wood design Guests will be captivated while you re serving up a nice, healthy appetizer or side dish. Hand wash is recommended to keep original finish.

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